Monday, October 3, 2011

Brenda's Barnyard Books

Albert's Happy Thanksgiving was my first children's book. It was published in 2010. After numerous rewrites, I entered the manuscript in a contest at Ozark Creative Writers and won an award. That spurred me on.     Albert has been very well received and it was my joy to introduce him to schoolchildren in the classrooms.  This spring, my second book, "Cleveland the Green Camel" came out.  Children love the little turkey and the crazy camel, but they really like the goofy old goat, Frank.  That is what a great illustrator can do.  Frank will have his own book, but it will be a little while.  I'm still working on it.  A goat as unique as Frank can't be rushed.   I will be at OCW October 6 - 8 and will have both books there. Stop by and take a look.


  1. Aha, I think I'm back on track with blogging comments--takes me awhile to find these tech-y problems and get them solved. :-) We're into the season that should make Albert happy--hope it proves to renew the interest in your book. I featured it and "Cleveland" on my website last week. I hope you had a chance to see them. Hope to see you at OWL's next month--have missed sooooo many, I'm having withdrawals.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    A little birdie told me Albert's Happy Thanksgiving is a great book!

  3. Ginny, We were on vacation and I missed your blog. Thanks for the mention.
    Donna, Thanks so much. The kids really seem to like Albert and they love Sean's illustrations of the goofy old goat. The goat will get his own book, but it may be a little while. I want to get it right.

  4. I think I figured this out, Brenda. You have to sign in to your google account. Anyway...going to hit post and see if it takes.