Friday, May 27, 2011

Brenda takes 'Cleveland' to school.

I made the rounds at several area schools before they dismissed for summer. Cleveland the Green Camel came out in April and I have been introducing him to the children. I am happy to say that Cleveland has been met with the same enthusiasm as Albert.                         
I am also pleased to announce that my photography is hanging on display at the Library Station in Springfield. Stop by and take a look. One of the photos won the Cliff Edom Photography contest at the recent Ozarks Writer's League conference.


  1. Cute photo w/the kids. Congrats on Cleveland! What an adorable book. You have a knack for children's literature. I hope to join you soon! Some day. One of these years...

    In the meantime, keep writing and selling books, Brenda.

  2. Hey there lucky dog, you've got the summer off. But once fall arrives, you'll be back to work. And what cute books! Not that I'm prejudice or anything.